A Minnesota Lawyer Practicing Solely in Criminal Defense

Chris Karpan My name is Chris Karpan and I am a criminal defense attorney in Alexandria, Minnesota. Prior to opening this private practice, I prosecuted felony level offenses in the state for over 18 years and was the Douglas County Attorney from 1999 through 2010. I have tried just about every type of conceivable case and I can bring order to what might seem to you like a hopelessly confusing situation. I am a passionate hunter and cringe at the thought of Minnesotans with a love for the outdoors being denied that love. From DWI defense to much more serious charges, from helping you get your driver’s license back to protecting your firearms rights, in adult court or in juvenile court, from Aitkin County to Yellow Medicine County (there is no County that starts with “Z”) I am here to use my knowledge, experience and skill to protect you.

The attorney you choose makes a difference. If you need a personal injury attorney, call me and I’ll send you to a lawyer I know who’s really good at it. If you want a will drawn up, same thing, I know some great probate attorneys. But if you or someone you care for is facing criminal charges, then you need look no further.

I am committed to protecting your rights with skilled, aggressive, and experienced legal representation. Give me a call 24/7 at 320-298-4696 or come see me at Chris Karpan Law, LLC. Get some peace of mind!

Chris Karpan, Fighting for the Accused