Criminal Defense

A Former Prosecutor Now Working for You

Being charged with a crime is frightening, for both the person charged and anyone who cares about them. A criminal conviction can change your life forever. Even a juvenile delinquency adjudication can close doors for a young man or woman twenty years into the future. I have the knowledge of the system and experience  to answer your questions, explain the process, and set your mind at ease. I can let you sleep at night again.

I handle all of my cases personally. I have no Junior Associates who carry “reduced fees” but bill more hours. I handle most criminal cases on a flat fee basis so there’s no nickel and diming. You pay for an experienced lawyer on day one and you and I are a team until your case is resolved.

I’ve handled every type of case in almost every circumstance.  If you’ve been accused of something as simple as a disorderly conduct or something as serious as a major felony, let me help you. If you’re in jeopardy of losing you firearms rights or are on probation and facing a probation violation from an overzealous corrections officer, let me help you. If someone you care about has been accused of a crime or charged with one, and they are resigned to their fate at the hands of a government that cares little about justice and a lot about numbers, let me help them.

If you think all lawyers are equally skilled, then you’ve never hired more than one. Don’t leave your future to chance. Call me today.